Saturday, 6 October 2012

Day 101 - Another moment in time - Meeting my guide a second time

In my previous blog Day 100 - I wrote about a time when I was younger and I was taken off in a car with two men and that after being dumped in the middle of no where by them, I found comfort in a companion that had no solid form and who I had come to recognise/believe was my guide Andrew.

When I was 9 or 10 I had a second occasion to meet Andrew.  I was in the park playing on the swings with my friend at that time, it was late Autumn and becoming dark, even though it was only around 5pm, but the park was empty, just her and I.   Then a van pulled up and a man approached us and I thought that he may have been the Park Ranger. But he asked the question " Would you like to see some puppies" My friend said oh wow can we have one? and went to go with him. I on the other hand said " No thanks, and instinctively looked up and just in the distance I saw a man coming toward us he was in a cape and a hat that looked like he was from the 1920's. I remember thinking he's not from around here.  I pointed toward him and said "No, my Dad is coming to collect us" and with that the man walked away.

I took my friend by the hand and started walking in the direction of the man, who seemed to know me.  He walked home with us which was only about a few minutes away and I said bye to my friend and went home and knocked on my own front door.  I was nervous and a little scared but wanted to tell my Mum about this close call we had and the man that helped us.  She opened the door and I was greeted with a " Where have you been?" again..As I turned around to say to the man thank you this is my Mum and I am home now. No one was there, I was stunned, where had he gone. I didn't even get his name or find out how he knew that we were in trouble.

From then on I started to place all my faith in the 'otherside'  of life and my guide Andrew.

Now I wasn't actually aware that my guide was called Andrew at the time, this came later in my life when I was acquainted with a deep trance medium who brought him through to speak to me and at this time he told me who he was and how he had helped me with two potentially dangerous situations that may have resulted in my death and it wasn't my time yet.

I went on to become the psychic that I am today and I had a very deep seated belief that I was meant for something greater in working with the 'otherside'

I will continue with this story and how I came to put all my faith in the 'white light and the spirit world' in my next blog, along with self forgiveness and corrective statements.